Writing a good telesales script

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Writing a good telesales script

I had worked in research and development for Apple and in Marketing and I thought that being a stock broker would some how inform me on how the world really worked.

I was right in some ways, wrong in others. The only problem was that I was thrust into a situation in which my co-workers were used to potential clients who became ecstatic by calls from a local stock broker.

The stock market had been on an improbable 20 year run in which everyone was making money. Inthat dream was about to end. As I applied the belief that sales is a numbers game for many months I decided to throw out the scripts of this huge corporation and start a new.

Sales is not a numbers game! If you call a thousand people with a bad script you will fail a thousand times. In this article, I will do my best to equip you with many scripts that I found great success with.

writing a good telesales script

I did however make one discovery. That might not sound like a great revelation, but it was the basis of how I became a successful telemarketer.

Sorry to shatter dreams, but all stock brokers are telemarketers If you have the best product, why are you afraid to ask people to buy it? OK, I now know I have to always assume the sale.

My new task was just to make sure I was selling the best product and then assuming the sale would be easy. I discovered the yes-set, band-wagoning, favor for a favor, the following of authorities, the scarcity principle, the liking principle, the consistency principle, rapport building, etc.

My results were amazing. Also, I found that with a good script in hand I all but eliminated all of my phone anxity and started to love selling on the phone. Get a Reason for People to Meet you If you want to dramatically increase your ability on the phone, figure out an iron clad reason why some one would want to talk to you.

So I learned everything I could about those programs. It took me about a day! Do you think I was now comfortable assuming people would want to talk to me? You need tons of practice Talk to 50 people per day Have answers to every objection on a script Tape yourself Are you assuming the sale?

Selling on the phone requires more aggression than in person selling! At some point you will ask yourself this question, if you sell on the phone. The reason why is that as children we were taught to respond with a NO, when we are caught off guard.

Think how often have you said NO vs. YES to a child? The 3 Principles of The Phone Ok, you know you have to assume the sale and you have the best product or service, so why would that be hard?

Michael Halper, Founder and CEO of SalesScripter and author of “The Cold Calling Equation – PROBLEM SOLVED", is an expert on how to penetrate new accounts, get . These cold call quotes cover topics such as enthusiasm, follow-up sales calls, goals, hang-ups, persistence, resistance, sending samples and voice mails. In many ways, that’s true for effective telesales scripts. That’s not to say that effective telemarketing language and what you say isn’t important (and we will talk about that in this blog) but it isn’t just about bombarding prospects with your sales pitch however good you think your product or service is.

You have only three new skills to develop. They are never to high or to low and they do their best to see the best in any situation, in others and themselves. So, if you are sitting at a desk, instead jump up and do some jumping jacks. Do whatever you have to, to keep yourself in a good attitude.

Never stay around people with bad attitudes. And if you are an employer fire or just never hire anyone with a bad attitude, in your place of work. They are plagues upon your entire organization.

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Why am I dwelling on this whole attitude thing? The reason why, is that clients can sense your attitude on the phone. That is where the concept of smile and dial came from. People like to talk with happy and excited people.

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If you are not happy and excited to inform clients about your products and services, why would they ever buy them? I posted advertising in local papers and waited for people to return the mailers for additional information.

This was the way I was able to get new people on the phone, even after the Do Not Call law was passed.Michael Halper, Founder and CEO of SalesScripter and author of “The Cold Calling Equation – PROBLEM SOLVED", is an expert on how to penetrate new accounts, get . The “I have” time is the single worst flaw in the BNI program.

Here is why; there is informal pressure to show up at the meeting with something every week. These cold call quotes cover topics such as enthusiasm, follow-up sales calls, goals, hang-ups, persistence, resistance, sending samples and voice mails. Careers at QA. Established in , our business has evolved into an all-encompassing organisation with Education at the heart of all we do.

Since the early years, we have diversified our client offering to become the UK’s number one Training provider and added another three award winning strings to our bow in Consulting, Higher Education and Apprenticeships. Aug 05,  · Thanks for the heads up, i put my VOIP number in the white pages and have been happily waiting for telemarketers – this is one i will take to the cleaners – i just hope they the telemarketers are aussie, so they can understand my jokes:_.

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