Violence in playgrounds

How Were They Chosen?

Violence in playgrounds

Playgrounds Don't Have to Hurt Forty years ago, playgrounds were downright scary. Everything was made of metal.

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The slides were so hot they'd burn the skin right off your thighs. Kids would go flying off of those spinning contraptions, or perch precariously 10 feet in the air on monkey bars with rock-hard earth or concrete underneath.

They don't make them like they used to, and that's a good thing. But a recent study by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention finds that emergency departments still see more than 20, children ages 14 and younger for playground-related traumatic brain injury each year.

Violence in playgrounds

As the weather warms up and trips to the park become frequent, take a moment to familiarize yourself with the risks of playground equipment and injury prevention strategies. What to Look For Nearly 80 percent of playground injuries are caused by falls.

Some of the top equipment associated with injuries are climbers, swings, slides and overhead ladders, according to the National Program for Playground Safety.

Consumer Product Safety Commission has come up with playground hazards you should watch out for when taking your kids to the park. The area under and around play equipment where a child might fall should be a minimum of 6 feet in all directions.

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Beware of hardware that is capable of impaling or cutting a child bolts, hooks, rungs, etc. Children should never wear drawstring hoodies at the playground.

Trip hazards, like rocks or tree stumps Lack of supervision: Children under age 4 shouldn't play on climbing equipment or horizontal ladders.

Spring-loaded seesaws are best for young children. Avoid adjustable seesaws with chains because children can crush their hands under the chains.

Violence in playgrounds

A traditional seesaw should not hit the ground. Metal or wooden swing seats should be replaced with soft seats, and equipment should not be split or splintered.

Sharp edges on equipment Platforms with no guardrails Equipment not recommended for public playgrounds: One example is monkey bars. The number of injuries caused by monkey bars is so significant many experts recommend they be removed from all playgrounds.

If your playground is unsafe, report the problem to the owner or park district. And remember, there is no substitute for parental supervision, especially for young children.The Benefits. The restoration of the City’s playgrounds will bring much-needed improvement to many of the city’s poorest neighborhoods, and will create safe and attractive places for families to play.

May 04,  · The and South Side playgrounds are connected by Mother Gaston Boulevard, a main drag where cops patrol and drunks make a clamor. The stroll from one . Violence, Parks, and Playgrounds in an Urban Environment: Understanding the Association and Implications for Outdoor Physical Activity Keshia M.

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