The pain of love in the story of me and vena

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The pain of love in the story of me and vena

It was supposed to be an easy morning: Eye appointment went fine, just a new pair of glasses and an order of contacts to switch off. I thought about skipping the Urgent Care trip since it was When I finally got in, the PA asked how long I had been having a hard time breathing.

Vena Cava Pregnancy Pain Biopsy After -- Milkthistle Hyperfilm Depiction

A few months now? The PA put in orders for a chest x-ray and more waiting. I checked into Kaiser and get sent straight to Imaging for my CT scan. A new PA comes in and asks me the standard questions, what are your symptoms, when did they start, etc.

The PA pulled up the CT scan and stood there staring at the screen.

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Barron one of our specialists is on their way to talk to you. Shah comes in and introduces himself as the attending Internal Medicine Physician. Stop freaking calling me Mrs. To gather some things for you?

Shah once again pulls up the CT scan image and measures the big white blob on my right lung — Shah tells us that I need more testing and that his first guess would be that this mass is a lymphoma but without a biopsy everything is just a guess.

We reach out to our Monday Night Impact Group for prayers. All I wanted was some antibiotics and maybe an inhaler and now I might have cancer?

The pain of love in the story of me and vena

Shah comes to see me at 8 a. Tim comes in a 9 a. First Tim, then his mom, and now me…what are the chances? Hot tears run down my face as Tim pulls me close like only he can to comfort me — his arms have always been my home.

Dr Shah comes back. In ten years, I have never had both the pathologist and the radiologist come in on a long weekend, so you are a very lucky young woman!

The radiology oncologist, wants to put a stint in my superior vena cava SVC to relieve the pressure from the mass. The internal medicine doctor wants to do the needlepoint biopsy but they are worried about puncturing the blood vessels in my chest wall.

Surgery is not an option because the mass is too close to the SVC and if they make an error I could bleed out. So we wait until they can agree how to proceed.

You are not alone. My transporter comes to take my to CT for the biopsy. Tim has to wait outside while I get wheeled in the CT room. The radiologist and ER nurse welcome me and explain what they are about to do. Contrast goes into my IV followed by a happy juice cocktail to help with my anxiety.

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I am going to be awake for the procedure while they stick a few large needles in the front of my chest where I can see so they can get samples. No accidental punctures, no damage to my blood vessels and no lung collapse — the biopsy runs smoothly and off goes the pathologist with four samples to test out right away.

I finally get back to my room and Tim and I play Monopoly Deal until my food comes in. Tim leaves for the night to get some rest and shortly after, our sweet friends from our home study group come in to pray over me before I turn in for the night.

The pain of love in the story of me and vena

Thank you, Lord for sending these two beautiful people to remind me that I am going to have a great support system.

Jinh, the onsite oncologist comes in to tell me preliminary biopsy results came in — its a malignant tumor — definitely cancer. More testing needs to get done to determine the type, staging and if it has spread to anywhere else in my body. They order a thoracentesis for late afternoon with the pulmonary specialist hoping that they can get more clues and closer to a formal diagnosis by testing the built-up fluid in my lungs: The day goes by quickly.

Each new group bringing tons of encouragement, prayer, love and laughter.“Some audience members objected to the performance content and left,” said Jonathan E.

Vena, a spokesman for the Count Basie Center for the Arts in Red Bank, N.J. HUNTSVILLE, AL (WAFF) - Medical technology continues to evolve.

Reduction in patient morbidity and improvement in overall function are primary goals in patient care.

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Caring for patients with complaints of chronic low back pain is particularly difficult. Less invasive techniques are categorized as. Maine Places to Love: Parkside ; or send postal mail to: News Tips, Portland Press Herald, Gannett Drive, South Portland, ME 12 people share their pain, joy, fears and aspirations.

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