Steno writing alphabet worksheet

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Steno writing alphabet worksheet

Lesson Four So you've read Lesson Zerowhich taught you some basic principles using pseudosteno, and now you're ready to start learning real steno. In order to keep it at a manageable level, I'm going to focus this lesson on two main groups of letters: The vowels, including chorded vowel combinations, and the consonants which appear as single letters on both sides of the steno keyboard.

A, O, E, and U. They're all single-key vowels. EU, even though it's a chord and not a letter, should also be grouped with them rather than with the vowel chords below, because it corresponds to the letter "I" and works like a single-key vowel.

You'll see from the examples that a single vowel can stand for a few different vowel sounds. That's because, even though English has a fairly large number of actual vowel sounds, English spelling breaks vowels up into two rough categories: The steno theory I learned, while mostly phonetic, sometimes uses spelling to inform how to write a word.

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So if a word is written with a single "short" vowel, it will usually be written with the same vowel on the steno machine, regardless of what it actually sounds like. The theory also uses spelling cues to differentiate between long-vowel soundalike words.


I spoke a little about this in Lesson Zero, but now that you see the whole vowel chart, it should make more sense. Let's go back to pseudosteno again for some examples:May 19,  · Study the letters and symbols in the image, and then practice writing them.

Following the image with the shorthand alphabet, there is also a video below, that covers every letter in depth.

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Please watch that and practice each letter until it is plombier-nemours.coms: 7. Remember to think of the steno alphabet in shapes, not letters. The words in parentheses are what they equal in Mark’s theory. The words outside of parentheses are what you would learn in any theory. May 19,  · So there we have the first six letters of the alphabet written in shorthand.

Practice those letters by repeatedly writing them on the paper on the same line, always taking care to keep the shorthand letters neat, small and plombier-nemours.coms: 7. Apr 25,  · Other writing systems that incorporate the letters of the English alphabet have also been developed to aid in faster writing without sacrificing as much readability as shorthand systems.

These writing systems often differ from shorthand by not requiring you to learn new symbols, and by using a system of abbreviating English words%().

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For example when writing "Pair" or "Pear". Both of these words sound the same and would be written phonetically on a steno keyboard as "PAEUR".

But the steno software can only output one word. Explore jeralyn ellera's board "steno" on Pinterest.

steno writing alphabet worksheet

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