Sources of innovation ch2

Changing perception New Knowledge The unexpected: Innovations can take place unexpectedly. They can happen by chance.

Sources of innovation ch2

August at 8: They have similar percentages. They do not have similar absolute amounts. A farmer gives you bushels of Golden Delicious apples, and gives me one. But you have bushels, and I have 1. But Venus has a much denser atmosphere, so there is much more CO2 there in total. And thus, a much stronger greenhouse gas effect.

August at 9: The contribution of water vapour to the natural greenhouse effect relative to that of carbon dioxide CO2 depends on the accounting method, but can be considered to be approximately two to three times greater. August at 1: Are you really asking this with a straight face?

Kenneth, please try to learn and understand what the radiative greenhouse effect is. You increasingly look like one of those people who claimed that moving so fast would make you sick when the first trains were invented.

Sources of innovation ch2

August at 4: When doubled by another ppm, the temperature increase from CO2 amounts to only 1. Why do you think the heat forcing diminishes so much by more than a factor of 5 the higher the CO2 concentration goes?

And how is this compatible with your beliefs about the strength of CO2 forcing? Only anti-science fantasy loons think it does, and they continue with their brain-washed fantasy despite their total inability to provide one tiny bit of empirical proof.

August at 5: That requires an optically thick atmosphere. Replace the CO2 of Venus with an equal mass of nitrogen, and it will be very cold. It is simple conservation of energy — pressure has nothing to do with that. If that were possible, you could construct a perpetual motion machine.

August at 6: How much heat would it lose with the CO2 removed? What observational evidence do you have to allow you to arrive at that value whatever it is? Or are you just guessing? Doubling that value to ppm only results in a temperature increase of 1.

In other words, the higher the CO2 concentration, the lower the increased heating effect. Once the first two coats have been applied, the 3rd, 4th, and 5th coats have negligible impact on eliminating transparency. Following that line of thought, removing very high concentrations of CO2 from an atmosphere to moderately lower levels may only modestly affect the temperature.

Do you believe this has less to do with the Venusian surface temperature than the type and concentration of gases in its atmosphere…or the distance from the Sun? It takes energy to hold them up. Is that simple enough for you? Or do you skip those lessons in Kinetic and Potential energy at junior high.

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The atmospheric composition makes basically zero difference. Taking into account incoming energy variability. August at Also, it is not a factor of 5, but just a logarithmic scale each doubling of the concentration produces the same forcing. Stay in wonderland where everything seems to contradict itself or educate yourself and learn about what you are arguing against.

August at 3: Why does the first ppm of CO2 heat the planet by 6. August at 7:I) Overview a. Innovation can arise from many different sources including individuals, firms, universities, government laboratories and incubators, and private non-profit organizations.

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Chapter 2 Sources of Innovation If there is no intent in commercializing, it is not an innovation Sources: 1. Ingenuity (BSM) (24 CP) Ingen lowers an item level so that both quality & progress are increased per touch or syn. It helps if you have no other skills to use, or if you're just lacking a tiny bit of craftsmanship to complete an item in 1 or 2 shots of synthesis.

From Grams to Tons: Fine chemical high-tech company which contains R&D, production, and sales. BEIJING LYS CHEMICALS CO, LTD, established in , is a fine chemical high-tech company which contains R&D, production, and sales.

Chapter 02 Sources of Innovation Answer Key True / False Questions 1. (p) If an individual knows a field too well, it can stifle his ability to come up with solutions that require an alternative perspective. TRUE Difficulty: 1 Easy 2. (p) An organization's overall creativity level is a simple aggregate of the creativity of the individuals it employs.

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