Mary warren character analysis essay

The Environment In life there are many brave and courageous people. In "The Crucible," by Arthur Miller there are three characters that stand out when talking about integrity and courage. At the end of Act two, Cheever comes with a warrant for Elizabeth Proctor. She has been charge of stabbing Abigail with a needle.

Mary warren character analysis essay

Character Profile - Mary Warren

However, it can be argued that she is not a villain at all. Instead she should be viewed as the lonely and vulnerable teenage girl that she really is.

Abigail Williams is put into a world where she has no immediate family, is looked down on, and falls in love with someone who she can never be with therefore she should not be viewed as simply a villain. Abigail is a lonely orphan girl that has no immediate family who finally finds someone that she feels comfortable with.

Sadly, this is an older man who she can never be with in her entire life. I never knew what pretense Salem is, I never knew the lying lessons I was taught by all these Christian women and their covenanted men!

What Are the Conflicts in "The Crucible" - An Outline

And now you bid me tear the light out of my eyes? I will not, I cannot! You loved me, John Proctor, and whatever sin it is, you love me yet!

Abigail is so desperate for someone to care for her, even if it is someone that is married or someone that is very different from her. Even though she lets emotions get in her way, she is not completely at fault. She found the only person in the world that she connected too and is desperate to keep that connection.

Every person has an inherent need to socialize and be connected with other people. What other way other than through her friends did Abigail have to connect with other people who would actually accept her and not lookA crucible is defined as both a container that purifies metals at extreme heat and a severe test.

Arthur Miller, in his play about the Salem witch trials, "The Crucible," puts several characters, many of them based on factual individuals, through the same purifying process.

Mary Warren - The servant in the Proctor household and a member of Abigail’s group of girls. She is a timid girl, easily influenced by those around her, who tried unsuccessfully to expose the hoax and ultimately recanted her confession.

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Helping students improve writing skills since 2000! At first, Proctor was plagued with guilt and doubt after he committed adultery with Abigail. However, as the play progressed, Proctor started down the path to salvation by confronting his sins with his wife.
Free Essays on Abigail Williams and The Crucible She seems to sob at almost everything, which generates a sense of sympathy in the audience, because unlike Abigail, it is clear that Mary Warren is not only confused, but also horrified by what is happening, and by what the consequences of what she did may be.
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Mary warren character analysis essay

25 [She is seventeen, a subservient, naïve, lonely girl.] Immediately introduced Mary Warren's character. This quotation lets us . Given the thesis and topic sentence below, please choose the best quote and analysis that fits for this essay.

Mary Warren is another character who faces a severe test and helps to prove the title of the play is appropriate. Choice #1 When Governor Danforth says to Mary that “God damns all liars” (), he is clearly putting her. One character, Mary Warren, embodies that human fear and weakness and is ultimately swept up into the hysteria of the witch trials.

At the center of the trials in The Crucible is a group of girls.

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