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Manuscript copy editing services ukr

Introduction No other ancient lit.

manuscript copy editing services ukr

Nor has any ancient writing or body of lit. The writings of some ancient authors e. Other writings have survived in a few or a few dozen copies. Of the NT, on the other hand, nearly 3, handwritten copies in Gr.

In another respect, too, the MS tradition of manuscript copy editing services ukr NT is distinctly superior to that of other ancient lit. The oldest known MSS of the works of some ancient authors date from a thousand years or more after the death of the author.

A time interval of several hundred years is not uncommon, ranging downward to a mere three hundred years, as in the case of Virgil.

In contrast, two of the most important existing MSS of the NT were written less than years after the NT was completed, and an appreciable amount of the NT is extant on papyrus MSS written from one to two centuries after the Biblical authors wrote.

Since classical scholars assume the general reliability of these secular works even where the time interval is great and where only a few MSS are available, it is clear that with far greater assurance the student of the NT may assume that the presently-available NT text reliably represents what the authors originally wrote.

At the same time, the multiplication of any piece of lit. It is now possible to print any number of identical copies of a work; but in ancient times, when each individual copy had to be made separately by hand, the only certainty was that no two copies of a book of any length would be identical.

This period of handcopying of MSS includes three-fourths of the time from the completion of the NT to the present; and the vast number of copies made of parts or all of the NT during these early centuries means that multiplied thousands of textual variants were introduced into these MSS.

The originals autographs of the NT books were doubtless lost at a very early date. This means, technically speaking, that it is not possible to determine the exact original wording of the NT from any given MS. Rather, a comparison of MSS must be made and principles established for determining as nearly as possible the exact form of the original text.

This process of studying copies of a work whose original is unknown, for the purpose of determining the form of the original text, is called textual criticism.

Whereas the NT is the largest and most significant area of this study, textual criticism is necessary for virtually every piece of ancient lit. Textual criticism is a basic discipline, a prerequisite to all further NT studies, for the determination of the text to be used must precede the interpretation of the text.

In making a copy of a book by hand, an ancient scribe—and a modern scribe as well—would almost certainly introduce errors and changes of various sorts into his copy, accidentally or, at times, intentionally. When his MS was copied, then, most of his variants would be carried over into the next MS along with any additional errors and changes that the next scribe might make.

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Thus the more copies that intervene between a given MS and the original, the more differences there will generally be between that MS and the original form of the text. Moreover, a MS from a later cent.

This is an over-simplification, because in actual fact a MS of the 11th cent. MS that was only a few copies removed from the original, whereas an 8th-cent.

MS might have been copied from a 7th-cent.

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MS that was itself twenty copies removed from the original. In the case of NT MSS, even the relatively large number now known doubtless represent only a small percentage of the total number that were produced during the early centuries.

In virtually no instance is it possible to show that any extant MS is the direct ancestor of another MS, and it is impossible to determine how many copies lie between any given MS and the original.

Scholars therefore commonly assume that a later MS is further removed from the original in number of copies intervening than is an earlier MS, but recognize that there are exceptions to the rule. It must not be supposed, however, that the text of the NT rests upon precarious grounds because of the multitude of copies through which it has passed or because of the great number of variants found in the MSS.

There is in fact virtually no question concerning by far the greater part of the words of the NT.The ManuscriptPro Profile Tool uses publicly available data from the U.S.

manuscript copy editing services ukr

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I. Introduction. It is now possible to print any number of identical copies of a work; but in ancient times, when each individual copy had to be made separately by hand, the only certainty was that no two copies of a book of any length would be identical.

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