Depersonalise writing a cover

How to Write a Cover Letter: Although the cover letter allows for more flexibility when compared to the resume, it should still maintain a proper format. Ideally, you want to keep the cover letter on a single page, within paragraphs of text. This is a format that always works:

Depersonalise writing a cover

In this guest post, bestselling book cover designer Simon Avery explains the process of working with a cover designer, from the first concepts up to the final payment.

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Recent Posts Of course, anyone can write a CV. However, to write a really good CV takes time, skill and good understanding of what the recruiter requires and most importantly knowing what to include in your CV and leave out of it!
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Professional cover design is part of what makes a bestselling title. But after you've come to an agreement to work together, what comes next? Round One — The concept stage The first and longest part of the process is the concept stage. In a nutshell, your book cover designer will take your brief and produce several potential ideas for a cover.

Behind the scenes For me, the concept stage takes between weeks. In this time I create 10 or so designs, many of which will never see the light of day. The best will be sent as concepts to the author to give a feel for how the final cover could look.

Consulting image libraries A good designer will subscribe to a big selection of image libraries. This ranges from well-known libraries like iStock and Shutterstock to smaller specialist outlets. For example, I might consult a library that stocks edgy urban images.

This also means my clients get pictures that are not in wide circulation. Image libraries charge for picture downloads. Some designers charge extra for this but I personally include it as part of my fee. Image libraries are fantastic for accessing a wide range of pictures.

But you are limited to what exists already. Designers can play around with images to an extent — eye colour for example, or adding a set of vampire teeth. The same goes for sole rights. In theory, other people could use the same image as you. Image libraries are a very cost-effective way to access a wealth of professional images.

Round One – The concept stage

Since you can get such great results with stock pictures, it makes sense to tally up how many extra books you might sell with something bespoke. It tends to hinder, rather than help the creative process. Illustrations Illustrations can be an extra cost and will usually be discussed at the briefing stage.

I have several excellent illustrators who I use and have had great results with. Outside of the hundred or so fonts available on publishing software, there are thousands of other fonts and every good designer has a big collection.

A good font can even appear hand-illustrated — such as on my cover for The Modigliani Girl by Jacqui Lofthouse. The concept stage looks like this: The author then chooses their favourite design to move forward.

This is the stage where they may also suggest some tweaks — colour variants, slight changes etc. But at least half the time they choose to keep the cover exactly as it is. Some authors might air the concepts on social media and ask their readers to choose a favourite. This is a great idea.

depersonalise writing a cover

Here are some examples of some of my covers which were rejected at the concept stage. The final concept stage Armed with the favourite concept, I then tidy up and polish.

This is my favourite part of the process. I add any suggested changes. For example, an author might ask to change the eye colour of a character or make some element more or less prominent. The cover is done and the author might use it to Tweet and gain social media prior to publication.Writing in the first person in a CV is considered to be very unprofessional – using ‘I’ and ‘me’ is clumsy and does not read well.

depersonalise writing a cover

Writing in the third person uses ‘he’, ‘she’ and ‘they’. Writing Contests Short Story Ideas Book Review Blogs Book Promotion Sites Literary Magazines Writing Exercises Booktube Channel Guide.

What to expect from your book cover designer. June 25, it helps authors ‘depersonalise’ from their cover. It’s easy for authors to become wedded to an idea of how they think their book should.

Writing a Persuasive Cover Letter 6/14/ So much so that an especially persuasive cover letter can turn your run of the mill job application into something special.

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