Current events writing prompts

Of course, many writers enjoy using a good writing topic when they begin a new project. Writing topics can be unique, fun or inspiring words. The writing topics could be in the form of a single word, a phrase, a sentence or a paragraph. They could also be an image or a picture that invoke new and engaging thoughts to write about in a story or in a journal.

Current events writing prompts

The majority of the prompts are related to the various events on our October Events Calendar. These events include birthdays, holidays, monthly celebrations, and important dates in history.

Current events writing prompts

Some of the dates include two different writing prompts to choose from. You can download a PDF form of the writing prompt. Don't forget to also print a copy of our October Events Calendar.

Current events writing prompts

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All content and materials on The Teacher's Corner are protected by copyright. Please see our ' Terms of Use ' for acceptable uses. Explain what you think a car of the future may look like. Develop a comic strip of your own. Focusing on characters, create your first strip.

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Welcome to The Learning Network, which is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year. Writing Prompts Photo Credit. Writing Prompts. Student Opinion Q’s, Picture Prompts & Current Events. Use these new informational writing prompts to expose your students to new ideas and new ways of thinking about the everyday events going on around them! Think about the fact that newspapers are becoming less popular these days and write about what places people get their current events . A quality educational site offering + FREE printable theme units, word puzzles, writing forms, book report forms,math, ideas, lessons and much more. Great for new teachers, student teachers, homeschooling and teachers who like creative ways to teach. Join the popular membership section!!

Create your own type of code system that would allow you to share secret messages. Would you like to travel into space? If yes, explain what you would like to explore. If no, explain why you would want to keep yourself on earth.

Think about your favorite type of taco. There is always a lot of discussion surrounding the unhealthy aspects of fast food restaurants. Write a paragraph persuading someone not to eat fast food. Some people may argue that this was one of the most important inventions in history.

What do you think was the most important invention ever and why? Do you think this was a good choice for our country? Would you have picked a different flower? Frank Duryea, who was born on this day inwith his brother Charles, built and operated the first automobile in the US.

He also won America's first automobile race. If you could participate in any type of race what would it be and why? Would it be on land, in the water, in the air? If you could call anyone, who would it be and why? Thinking about the games you like If you were a scientist today, what would you hope to discover?Middle School Current Events Writing Prompts.



Civic Event. Attend a civic event in your local community. This can be a town hall meeting, a protest, a rally, a fair, a meet or a religious event. Write a description of the incident, a summary of what happened and the ways it affects the community.

Feb 04,  · Updated, March 2, | We published an updated version of this list, “ Prompts for Argumentative Writing,” as well as a companion piece, “ Prompts for Narrative and Personal Writing.” We also now have a PDF of these prompts.

Writing Prompt: Current Events form - Students can use this for any current event. They will express their opinions and provide reasons to facts and details. Common Core: Text Type and Purposes W HIGH SCHOOL PROMPTS. Looking for a way for your teens to think deeply about some of today’s issues?

This week’s prompts will give your teens a chance to look at current events, express their opinions, and practice persuading readers. Daily Writing Prompts - Creative Writing Prompts for October.

We provide events that are related to each day. You will find holidays, historical events, birthdays and other interesting and educational prompts to write about.

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Essay Prompts from Spring INVITATIONAL A. Seven states legalized marijuana in some form on Election Day while one proposal failed. “This is really day one of a decade-or-more-long process of bringing this industry into the light and getting rid of the illicit market,” Richard Miadich, one of the authors of California’s Proposition 64, told Business Insider.

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