Cleaning up our town

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Cleaning up our town

Their intention to tell the definitive story of how these much loved films were made, the visual effect techniques used and to clear up any mystery of how these films came to fruition. Unfortunately our last production trip to the States represented "the last of the petty cash. Remembering Ghostbusters the essential companion to the Ghostbusters movies.

Dan Aykroyd We have so many wonderful, insightful stories, anecdotes and rich interviews from hugely talented people, some of which have never spoken on camera before about these films that capture these moments of cinema history.

Combining this with a love of the Ghostbusters movies has given us the perfect mix to deliver the best quality for the documentary. Eight years on he has never given up on the dream of sharing his discoveries with fans and filmmakers. Remembering Ghostbusters will be released later this year.

Anthony Zart - Art DirectorAnthony is a freelance graphic designer, illustrator, videographer, author of six self-published books and a prolific writer.

His documentary work has featured on several major publications including Sony Music, Classic Rock, Guitarist and Fender.

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He has a driving passion for behind-the-scenes features, factual documentaries and, of course, all things 80s! Drew and many more!! Derek Osborn - Archive ProducerDerek is a creative director at Workhorse Creative Productions in Jonesboro, Arkansas, as well as a self-proclaimed pop culturalist and cartoon doodler.

Subsequently, he has been promoting genre-related and specialist film publicity campaigns. Every penny of your generous donation will be put to good use, to make sure we deliver you the best documentary possible. Essentially we need travel expenses for the Production Crew plus equipment hire and filming permits need to be covered.

Post-Production - With a lot of work and a short time to do it much of our funds will go towards licensing of the footage, images and music that do not belong to us. If we reach our funding goal, and you would still like to donate then we can continue to increase the quality of the final product and pay for additional collectors items.

With over 70 people interviewed there are HOURS of footage and a lot of stories to hear, but we can only add so many into the documentary and keep it a respectable length. However, with the extra funds we can include so much more and extend your knowledge further into how these films were made.

This will either be a bonus disc of extras or an extended version or the documentary; or both! It purely depends on the extra funds available. With the additional funds we can have a limited number of Steelbooks created.

These will replace the version in the "Goody Bag".

Cleaning up our town

Marketing and Distribution - Further funds will be added for the best possible campaign for the release of the documentary. That being said we have never given up. We have worked within the film and media industry for 12 years on projects varying from feature films, TV, short films and more importantly documentaries.

We knew the risks from the beginning and knew they can be over come with the knowledge we gathered and the industry professionals that have come on board with us.

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Cleaning Up Our Town. The Life of Love and Choices I. Thesis Statement In Our Town, the play emphasizes quantities of life, which leads to appreciating everyday occurrences we go through. II. Overview 1. The name of the play is called, Our Town 2. The author is Thornton Wilder 3.

Nov 16,  · This post has been updated. Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Scott Pruitt asked members of his 24/7 security detail to run errands for him on occasion, including picking up his dry.

Our place really was our place.

Cleaning up our town

Family of 6 stayed in the house with up to 11 people over for dinner as we have family in Cody. We loved having the sofas in the .

Cleaning Up Your Neighborhood Park is a Great Volunteer Project