Center for writing across the curriculum

The primary questions motivating this study are: Participants of the study were chosen by random among the incoming first-year class in the fall of Students were asked to keep all of the writing they did for each class and maintain a record of this writing.

Center for writing across the curriculum

In specially designated writing-intensive W courses, students attend to writing in context--within particular disciplines--but also with attention to ways in which effective writing shares similar traits across the disciplines.

The aim of the program is to equip students to write analytically in a variety of writing situations. The basic premise of the writing program is that writing is necessary to thinking and learning; it is an essential way of acquiring knowledge and of arriving at ideas about it.

Another primary assumption of the program is that the ability to write well is not a skill one can acquire in a semester of grammar study. Instead, students are encouraged to take a number of W-courses throughout their careers at the College.

A writing-intensive W course is a regular academic course in which enrollment is limited to twenty students, and students do a minimum of fifteen pages of writing broken into at least three assignments. One of these assignments must be a revision in response to the instructor's written comments.

As a requirement for graduation, students are required to take a minimum of three writing-intensive W courses--one First-Year Seminar, one W-course selected from anywhere in the curriculum, and one W-course designated by the student's major.

At The University of Oregon

In exceptional cases, students may appeal to the Writing Program Committee to receive special W-credit for a course that is not designated a W. The fact of a student's having done a significant amount of writing in a course is not, of itself, sufficient reason for assigning special W-credit, since a writing-intensive course is a particular kind of collaborative learning experience.

Students, click here to apply for a special "W" designation:Writing Across the Disciplines meets two main objectives: First, and most importantly, writing is a way of learning.

center for writing across the curriculum

Writing helps students think through the ideas and concepts in a given course, giving them ownership of the information they are gaining. Writing Across the Curriculum WAC Staff Housed in University College, WAC works closely with General Education, the Composition and Rhetoric Program, the Writing Center, and the First Year Seminar Program to offer consultations in course and assignment design and response and evaluation to writing in all classrooms.

Writing Across the Curriculum is a University-wide program designed to enhance the development of writing and critical thinking skills in students throughout their studies at National University.

Gustavus has received national recognition for its curricular innovation in writing, which combines a strong Writing Across the Curriculum program—required writing intensive courses coupled with.

center for writing across the curriculum

Writing across the Curriculum The Teaching Center University of Florida. Angela M. Kohnen. Sept 11, • Writing can be an effective way to start a class period. Writing requires active engagement on the part of every student—% participation immediately. Writing about texts can be an effective.

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